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Char-O-Lot Ranch was named the Leading Breeder at the
2019 Appaloosa World Championship Show.


Welcome to Char-O-Lot Ranch on the World-wide web. We appreciate your interest in Char-O-Lot Ranch and hope that you will enjoy learning more about the farm and how we may be of service to you.

Although the website is a great way to familiarize yourself with Char-O-Lot and our facilities, there's really no substitute for actually visiting the farm and see how things are done here. We're proud of the quality of our horses and facilities and of our up to date technology in all areas. Whether you are already a seasoned horse owner and enthusiast or wanting to become involved, we'll be delighted to show you around and make your visit with us a most enjoyable experience.

Sue, Sean, Cheryl & Jennifer Schembri


Char-O-Lot Ranch is a highly successful Appaloosa breeding, showing and training facility, known worldwide for raising, training, selling and showing national and world champion Appaloosa horses, specializing in halter, western pleasure, hunter under saddle and all-around horses.


Char-O-Lot Ranch was established in 1972 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida by Doug and Susan Schembri and has been impacting the Appaloosa industry and the horse community for nearly 50 years.  Char-O-Lot Ranch has been operated at the Schembri's 50 acre horse ranch in Myakka City since 1977, introducing people from all over the world to the Appaloosa breed.  

A cornerstone of Char-O-Lot Ranch’s continual success is breeding, raising and training high quality horses, and this can be seen through their accomplishments.  Over the past 48 years, Char-O-Lot Ranch, its owners and clients have accumulated an unprecedented number awards and titles, including hundreds of World and National Championship Titles. In addition to success in the show ring, Char-O-Lot Ranch’s breeding program has produced a once in a lifetime achievement as the breeder and owner of the Appaloosa Hall of Fame Sire, The Hunter, as well as The Secret both of whom made a large impact on the appaloosa breed over for the past two decades.

For many years Char-O-Lot Ranch has also been known throughout Europe and South America as a source for quality horses and integrity in their business, exporting hundreds of horses over the years.

Since its beginning in 1972, Doug and Susan operated Char-O-Lot Ranch specializing in breeding halter horses, hunter under saddle and western pleasure horses.  In 2010 Doug passed away and that same year was inducted into the Appaloosa Horse Club Hall of Fame for his lifetime of contributions to the Appaloosa Industry as a breeder, trainer, judge and national director.

Looking to its Second Generation:

Char-O-Lot Ranch continues to operate and grow under the leadership of Susan Schembri and its second generation, her daughter Jenifer, son Sean and daughter in law Cheryl, who have dedicated their future to continuing the successful tradition of Char-O-Lot Ranch.

As a breeding farm, each year Char-O-Lot Ranch, either on-farm or via shipped semen, is involved in breeding close to 100 mares each year, as breeding quality horses is a key of their ongoing success and the success of the horse industry. Supporting the small breeders is and always has been a passion of the Schembri family.

Char-O-Lot Ranch is also looking to the future of the Appaloosa breed as it is beginning to promote two new young, well bred, breeding stallions to ensure the future success of its performance breeding program, Tel N Secrets & Rageous Blaze.

As a training and showing facility, Char-O-Lot Ranch continues to excel in halter, hunter under saddle, western pleasure and all around events.  Char-O-Lot Ranch focuses on providing a very high level of customer service to its clients while encouraging and training them to achieve their goals.  Seeing an opening in the Appaloosa market, Char-O-Lot Ranch has started to develop all around horses for future youth and non-pro riders.

Horse care and fitness have been and continue to be a priority for Char-O-Lot Ranch.  Clients from all over the country send their horses to Char-O-Lot Ranch for the dedicated and knowledgeable staff that provides our specialized and excellent horse care.  We offer everything from show training both halter and performance, basic baby (foal) training, year-round mare care etc.

Visitors are always welcome~ please give us a heads up when you are coming our way to be sure that we are available to show you around.

Greener Pastures
The Hunter

The Hunter was bred, raised, trained and shown by Char-O-Lot Ranch.
He was a Hall of Fame Sire –
During his show career he was a multiple World and National Champion in Hunter Under Saddle, Hunter In Hand and Pleasure Driving, earning himself a Silver Medallion as well.  The Hunter was one of the cornerstones of our breeding program for several decades producing  many Multiple World and National Champion siring 513 foals that earned

108 Bronze Medallions, 36 Silver Medallions 8,368.5 performance points and 7,705 halter points.

Hunter was a part of our family being bred, foaled,  raised and shown by us –
he lived here his entire life, showing, breeding and retirement years.  He was humanely euthanized Dec. 2, 2019.